Peak District Barns for Gary.

Alison just published a wonderful blog posting about the barns in her neck of the woods. I really enjoyed it and I sure you will too. (excuse my ignorance about these things, but I didn’t know whether to choose the “reblog” or “Press this” option?” Is there a difference?”

Through rose tinted glasses.

One of the most valuable and unexpected aspects of starting my blog, has been the friendships that I have formed with people from so many different parts of our world.  I may never have the priveledge of meeting them face to face, but I value their input in my life none the less.

I stumbled across Garys’ Blog quite by accident one sunday afternoon.  So much of what he wrote about drew a parallel with my own life and upbringing that I clicked the follow button, and I think we have been friends ever since.

A while ago Gary wrote a blog about Old Barns and after reading it I knew that he would love to see some of the Old Barns that are dotted around the Peak District Landscape.  Many are still intact and have stood the test of time whilst others are more weathered and worn, but as…

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