Hello, my name is Gracie. I am spoiled. I love humans. Let me show you around. The old man human gets into the hot tub everyday so his bones might move. The neighbors say he is a hardworking sonuvabitch, but they are often drunk riding their atv up to the corner store to get drunker...but [...]

What is it about nature that just seems so sacred to me? Why does it? Something as simple as a fresh breeze blowing on face can bring a sense of an awareness of sacredness. I am not a tree hugger, but I have been around certain trees and I get that feeling too. Sunrises, sunsets, [...]

  I remember Homo Sapien, said the ole crustacean When he used to live on the bottom of the sea He was an odd little thing, but he had a lotta self esteem Kept saying there’s so much more he could be   Claimed evolution was his game, nothing ever stays the same Take care [...]

Am I a Christian? The answer to that question used to have eternal consequences for me. However, the ultimate answer to this question required getting through an application with multiple parts. For me it went something like this: "Do you believe Jesus Christ is God's only Son?" If Yes, Go Step 2, If No, "Go [...]