Saturday, April 4th

I think the self isolation is starting get to the cats. Last night they were running crazy up and down the living room furniture and didn’t care that I was sitting in one of the chairs. I might as well have been a big fat throw pillow as far they were concerned.

They calmed down some, but obviously Linus got tired of browsing the internet and reading all your blogs and comments and wanted to start some trouble with Gracie. All hell broke loose after I stopped recording (naturally).



Went out to the barn where my isolation partner has decided to do a little woodworking project. Picked up some 6″ by 6″ lumber and she sanded them down. Gluing 3 of them together – each one is 4 feet long,  Want to take a guess at what she is creating? (I am all for this project because I got to buy a new tool, a DeWalt orbital sander, for it!)


Finally, pull up a chair, and sit with me for 30 seconds. YouTube video quality seems a bit diminished, but who cares?

Take care of yourself!