Mister Big Shot


I remember Homo Sapien, said the ole crustacean

When he used to live on the bottom of the sea

He was an odd little thing, but he had a lotta self esteem

Kept saying there’s so much more he could be


Claimed evolution was his game, nothing ever stays the same

Take care that nothing swallows up you

I swear it happened just like this, He said I don’t wanna live like a fish

He packed his bags,  and then he said toodaloo


Mister Big Shot, Look what you’ve done

You’re so darn proud of, your opposable thumbs

Mister Big Shot, What’ll we do?

You’re filling up the ocean with plastics and goo


It’s been a while, said the ole reptile

Homo Sapien used to sit here on this rock

He said it’s just not enough, I want to be some real hot stuff

I don’t think I need four legs to walk


Mister Big Shot, Look what you’ve done

You can even walk now while you’re chewing gum

Mister Big Shot, fires everywhere

Getting way too warm now, to wear my underwear


I  ‘member cousin, said the chimpanzee

Swingin from a tree he’d throw his feces  at me

He thinks he’s so smart, cause his head is bigger than his heart

But Ninety eight percent he’s just like me


Mister Big Shot, I think you blew your wad

By thinking only you were precious to God

Mister Big Shot, don’t stare at the sun

You think you’re so intelligent, but man you act so dumb


Mister Big Shot, now what’ll you do

Someone’s aiming a gazzilion missles right at you?

Mister Big Shot, I’ll  keep it on the level

Compared to all of creation,man, you’re not  that special


Mister Big Shot, oh Mister Big Shot

Go change our train of thought, oh Mister Big shot

oh Mister Biggie Shot, mister Big big shot

Oh Mister Big Shot, Please Mister Big Shot


Pleee ase Mister Big Shot