When I was still a tadpole, I loved playing games with my grandma. One of my favorite was Monopoly - not because I understood the game, but my grandma got such a kick out of the miniature game pieces, particularly the thimble and the iron. She even started her own collection of miniature items which [...]

I only have 19 more work days before I retire. It has been an odd feeling especially with the dramatic changes in higher education, and the world, since COVID-19 entered our lives. Also, when you are identified by so much and by so many with what professional role one plays, it is easy to self [...]

It was irrigation day today. Water flowing from Stoney Creek is held in Black Butte Dam and then some of it flows into a series of canals and once every two weeks or so some of it will run into the ditch at the back of our 5 acres and we “flood irrigate” the pasture. [...]

Just sharing a photo or two of the completed Gazebo. It fits in the yard well. Facing west... Sunsets are pretty out here. They feel like a gift. The moon in the eastern sky at the same time as the sunset. All of this for free. Gorgeous world.

Partly inspired by my pending retirement on June 1st, but much more inspired by my readings of Father Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest who's teachings - as many of his students say way too often - "resonates" with me. I am the black sheep in that flock, any flock actually,  but I am grateful for [...]