Itty Bitty

When I was still a tadpole, I loved playing games with my grandma. One of my favorite was Monopoly – not because I understood the game, but my grandma got such a kick out of the miniature game pieces, particularly the thimble and the iron.

She even started her own collection of miniature items which eventually filled a cabinet built to order by my grandpa. Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren, for oh so many years, would head straight to the cabinet when they visited. Their imaginations took them many places while looking into that cabinet.

I developed a liking for small things too. My favorites are fruits and vegetables as they are just forming. I will walk around the yard, making whoever will follow me, and say things like “Oh look at this!” I am sure I sound a bit like my grandma…and that’s okay with me. So walk around the yard with me.

Blueberries about a month away
An English Walnut (Chandler)
Thornless Blackberries
A little tomato
Maybe you can see tiny olives
A pumpkin
A navel orange
A Meyer’s Lemon
Santa Rosa Plum

Yep, my grandmother’s grandson! Now let’s go make a root beer float!!!