Went out and picked a few tomatoes and peppers this afternoon with my daughter. And next thing you know, we have a large bowl of salsa! Now I am going to eat a frozen peach yogurt while sitting outside. That my friends is a perfect Summertime afternoon, Blessings everywhere! P.S. I didn’t arrange the flowers [...]

My hearing is not good. I have sat through entire movies unable to hear any dialogue and trying to piece the story together - for years. Most of my hearing loss is in the higher frequencies and include the S and other comparable sounds. I sort of quit teaching a class because I couldn’t hear [...]

I have always admired those people who can speak so assuredly about  things that I am so uncertain about. I always think, "It must be nice to be so confident, not have to deal with doubt." Often these non-doubters are men, tall, with a full head of hair and a deeper voice - a voice [...]

I am watching the sunset and listening to the frogs. When the sun goes down, the frogs get noisy around here. I don’t think it is easy being a frog out this way. The other day, on the road in front of my mailbox, I saw a flatten frog, all four legs spread out. It [...]

I saw these 2 signs , one up at Lassen the other day and the other one at Shasta Dam today. I found them to be full of wisdom - for a sign, that is. I also saw the dang cutest thing...a wild turkey hen and her chicks. I had never seen wild turkey chicks [...]

I have attempted to write a new post several times in the past few days. Each time I end up saying, “Doesn’t feel right.” Part of the reason is the Covid-19 crisis, another reason has been a general heart sickness over the George Floyd tragedy along with Trump’s divisive form of leadership, and then there [...]