On the Lake

Today I spent time on a lake not too far from us. It is at the very beginning of the hills that rise up to form the Coastal Range. Beyond that range is the Pacific Ocean.

The lake is called Black Butte Reservoir and provides the water for our pasture. The grass is yellow now in this region. As I get older I find the yellow grasses of summer to be more beautiful with each year that passes.

I was on a kayak watching ospreys dive into the water bringing out fish in their talons. When I see a bird go into the water, all other thoughts leave my mind and I become aware.

I start seeing interesting things around me like how the boundaries of the water, land, and sky mix in such an interesting way.

I see Mount Shasta miles away to the north yet seemingly in a long distance relationship with an oak tree right here on the bank.

Then I look above me and see these wonder-full clouds and I just stare at them as the breeze steers the kayak wherever it wants us to go. I see the face of an old philosopher with his bearded chin looking down at me in the clouds.

Here I don’t think as much as I feel and that feels good to have a break from the constant noise inside my head. It also feels good to be excited about just being outdoors.