One of my Favorite Places

I prefer short road trips of 3 to 7 days over longer trips. I miss me surroundings and I miss me own bed after a few days. This week we took a little three day, two night journey and got back just in time for this miserable heat spell.

Here is our route minus the 50 miles into Oregon where we stayed overnight in Grants Pass, Oregon before turning south to California.

And now for a few photos because that is what us old folks do!

Tree Hugger: Lady Bird Johnson Redwood Grove
Some of the Redwoods are 2,400 years old
For size comparison: Remember I am a man of considerable girth
Love me paths
When you are amongst the Redwood trees, you spend most of your time looking upward…which I think is good for the soul
Ate lunch by this fresh water lagoon-ocean just on the other side of the strand of sand in the background

Walk on the beach and watching the driftwood play
Beach grass
Love me little town churches
Crescent City, California … one of my favorite places
Lighthouse in Crescent City
Trinidad, California… another one of my favorite places (I have about a million fav places!)
Trinidad Bay…I have no idea what i pushed or hit to get that effect, oh well…
Drive along the Smith River when leaving the coast and heading into Oregon.
Driving by and around Mount Shasta, one of my favorite places.
Where the Sacramento River begins from a spring at the base of Mount Shasta. I will include the sign for proof. A bunch of kinda hippies folks hang out here all the time playing music, living in their vans and busses, smoking, chanting, generally having a good time and not hurting anyone. They will eventually grow up to be greedy capitalist-I’ve seen this play out before in the sixties. Have fun while you can, I say. Oh yes, one of my favorite places.
I told you so

Back home and back to my comfortable bed.