There was this guy. This guy lived in a house with his wife and with their dog and with their two cats. The cats are named Linus and Lucy. The man got up one day and said to himself, "Looks like a boring day. I have an appointment with a nutritionist and my wife has [...]

I think I figured it out. When did the world get so darn crazy? Seedless watermelons. They are the culprits. In the good old days, we would sit on the front porch on a hot summer day and eat watermelon in the afternoon. We’d talk about all sorts of things, even things we disagreed upon. [...]

For the past few evenings, I have been sitting outside trying to get a look at the comet, NEOWISE.  Although, I wasn't able to see it. I very much enjoyed watching the night sky  as the stars and planets revealed themselves in greater and greater detail as it got darker. It struck me that life, [...]

I hope that today we feel loved in abundance. I hope we let go of our feelings of scarcity. I hope we make room for the opinions of others, especially those that differ from our own. I hope our eyes see something quite small that leads our hearts to something much larger and mysterious. I [...]

Got up this morning with the usual knee pain. Lately sleeping seems to hurt it as much as walking. Been over a 50 year pain as I injured it severely when I was about 15 years old. Spent two weeks in the hospital but worked hard at recovery and eventually was able to even run [...]

I picked up this little 4 page newspaper that covers the little towns in the region where we live. Everything of the front page was bad news including the old guy on his mobility scooter who was arrested for driving under the influence after he ran into a semi-truck. When I watch the news on [...]