For the past few evenings, I have been sitting outside trying to get a look at the comet, NEOWISE.  Although, I wasn’t able to see it. I very much enjoyed watching the night sky  as the stars and planets revealed themselves in greater and greater detail as it got darker.

It struck me that life, our life circumstances, and our life lessons are similar to how stars  become clearer with time – and nothing can make the revelations come faster or slower. Be still, watch and listen. Not easy for me. Eventually though you get a slight hint at the vastness of our universe and how incredibly small we are in it and yet how uniquely important we are as a part of it.

I have a little star map on my phone and Ipad. I get pretty excited as I learn more about the lights above my head. For me, one who believes in a Creator, star gazing is a wonderful blend of Science and Spirituality. I am now comfortable with the two. I got tired of the either/or options in life.  Science reveals more and more about our lives, our world, and the universe. Occasionally, Science has to correct itself, but that is ok with me… just as my understanding of Spiritual matters also changes as more is revealed through my journey.

Today, I purchased binoculars to see if it would help me see NEOWISE.  One hour after sunset, I spotted a vague, blurry image. It was the comet. Over the next hour, as the sky turned darker, the blurry image cleared and a comet with a bright tail stretched across part of the sky, 66 million miles away from Earth. I could hardly take my eyes off it. The wonder of it all.

Turning my head from the Northwest to the East, there was Jupiter looking over my shoulder. Then I started looking all over the sky.  More and more stars became visible and others brighter. I took one last look at NEOWISE and the comet’s tail was brighter, longer.

It was another night of revelations which all began with a sunset that revealed more and more as the sun sank into the horizon. Tomorrow morning a sunrise will reveal more with each passing moment. These revelations are everywhere. I just need to sit and be still…and enjoy the show.

(Be still, and know that I am God. Psalms 46:10)

(“I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.” Albert Einstein)