The Truth?

Sitting here watching the first Harry Potter movie. I read the book a few years ago. Enjoy a good story.

What is harderto tell the truth or to hear the truth?

Using my new hearing aids to listen to this movie. I struggle a little bit with the accent and the higher pitch of the children actors’ voices – but what an incredible imagination to write this story. Sometimes I will read a book like The Night Circus and I just sit in amazement at the author’s imagination. How do they think up this stuff?

I think hearing the truth is harder.

The movie is over. I liked it. I adjusted the treble on my hearing aid and I could hear the dialogue much better.

I wonder if the truth is like accents – everyone has one but can’t hear their own?

In the end, the movie was about love.

I read somewhere once that there is really only two true emotions; one emotion is fear and the other is love and that you can break down every one of your reactions into one of those categories. I wonder if that is true?