4 Reasons Why Rebuilding Paradise Is an Emotional Must-Watch

4 Reasons Why Rebuilding Paradise Is an Emotional Must-Watch
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Just a quick posting: if you’re interested in what others are saying is an excellent documentary, this is coming out in a couple of days.

Not sure if I can watch it. When I see well done media about this, I get pretty tearful and choked up. I will probably give it a try.

We just had our acre cleaned up and now need to get the septic tank crushed (some more) and filled up with dirt. It is very hard to go up there and remember what it used to look like. Hard to envision us rebuilding again especially when the threat of catastrophic fire remains – in my mind anyway.

Miss the air, the breeze blowing through the pine trees, the town. Hard to get over a place you lived in for 40 years and in the same house for 30 years. Everything was so familiar, so comfortable.

Thankful for what we have now, but still shake my head sometimes thinking about the past. I guess many of us do that for different reasons. You have these “Ouch” moments. And then you have these “Thank You” moments.

Ouch and Thank You, Ouch and Thank You. If you have more Thank You’s than Ouch’s in life, I think you are very fortunate.

I am very fortunate.