First of all, isn’t it kind of dumb how we in the U.S. spell the color grey different from all other English speaking countries? Got to have a sense of humor - humour in British English... Here in Northern California, every summer and fall we get extended periods of dense, smoke filled skies from all [...]

Been living in this house for about a year and a half now. Done a lot of work outside as I have shared here before. Before moving in we had new engineered hardwood floors installed in the family room and hallway and carpet in the 3 bedrooms and did some painting too. So we decided [...]

I generally try to be a nice fellow. I try to remember that everyone has good days and bad days and sometimes those bad days can be really sad days too. Now, I said "generally' because I can have my moments when my tolerance level is not very high and I can come back at [...]

This day began with pre-dawn clouds, a sliver of the moon, and a faint Venus. After that, it got hot, 110 Fahrenheit at 5 pm (43.33 Celsius). I can’t handle working out in that kind of heat anymore, so all my chores were put aside and will be for the next 8 days as it [...]

Took this with the IPad this morning - before sunrise. From the guest bedroom, the window faces East. We are in for an extended heat spell which makes the morning even more special. Sister Venus is just getting home after a night of bright lights and is trying to sneak back in while Brother Moon [...]