Mars is Rising

This day began with pre-dawn clouds, a sliver of the moon, and a faint Venus. After that, it got hot, 110 Fahrenheit at 5 pm (43.33 Celsius).

I can’t handle working out in that kind of heat anymore, so all my chores were put aside and will be for the next 8 days as it is supposed to get even hotter by Tuesday. I’ll get up early tomorrow and take care of a few things, but it gets hot by 10 am.

One nice thing though is the evenings, even now at 12:07 am it is 82 degrees Fahrenheit which feels wonderful. I went outside with the binoculars and did some star gazing. Mars was up and very bright above the eastern horizon and a shooting star was heading in that direction. It was quiet, dark, and peaceful. Or, maybe I was peaceful.

Looking at the stars always puts things in perspective-how infinitely small I am , we are, and yet how important each person is. It is not a world of “either or” but a world of “and.”

And, “and” makes some sense in that everything seems connected in some shape or manner. The Buddha and Saint Francis seemed to have seen clearly this “oneness.” I wear a Saint Francis medal around my neck to help me remember this sense of oneness. It also helps me look like a lounge lizard of the 1970’s – when it is visible around my neck.

Looking up at the night sky, I thought, “Why don’t I laugh more?” There is such simple joy in all these mysteries of oneness around me. Damn, I am connected in someway with Mars.”

I used to laugh, sometimes get the uncontrollable giggles. Once as a very boring psychology professor ended his very boring 60 minute lecture on perception and vision, he told us, “And to summarize what I have said here today – during the day we use our cones, and at night we use our rods.” This struck me as very funny with my immature sense of humor and I got the giggles and the more I tried to suppress them, the worse it got. Of course nobody was laughing which made it even worse as I giggled and snorted even more so.

Another time, my wife and I, many years ago were in a bible study kind of group thing, support group, hell I don’t know what to call it – but there was some odd people in this group. One woman was asking for prayers for her allergies and went into a detailed description of dust mites which were the problem for her. I had never heard of dust mites before and the term and the seriousness of her request struck me as funny and I started to get the giggles. Unfortunately sitting next to me was my wife and she too thought it was funny and she got the giggles. The other 15 or so people kept shooting us death stares every time the allergy sufferer said “dust mites” because we couldn’t control ourselves. I think snot was coming out of my nose from trying to hold it all in. The poor lady just wouldn’t stop saying “dust mites.” When someone started praying for healing from the dust mite conditions, I was biting my forearm, hard, to try to keep from laughing. We didn’t stay in that group for much longer and I have a tiny bit of guilt in laughing when someone is being so sincere about their issues. Still, I would like to laugh like that again.

It is kind of funny what you remember when Mars is rising.

Take care. Your friend, Chuckles.