It is funny where inspiration can come from. The other day I was reading an article about Yusuf releasing a new version of his very successful album from the 1970’s – Tea for the Tillerman – an album I must have listened to a thousand times. His reasoning for recording a new version was inspirational – keep learning, keep living, keep loving, keep creating. The phrase came into mind, “You inspire me.” I just kept writing the rest.

As I wrote, I thought about all the people who inspire me. My family is one of my greatest inspirations and sources of pride. That photo on the song link is of our three children – one who is a speech therapist now, working with children, another one is a labor delivery nurse who is enrolled in a nurse practitioner program, and one owns a very creative business with values focused upon honesty and others’ well being. All three of our children sincerely care for others.

I am surrounded by inspirational loved ones and friends including one that I have been married to nearly 50 years. I have dear ones who face obstacles everyday with a sense of grace and compassion and joy.

Finally, some days I look out the window and I see a hummingbird drinking from the water that is cupped within the tree branches. I live in a very inspirational world, even when I am grumpy. I read once that the word “inspired” comes from the phrase “to be in spirit.” I won’t argue with that.