At my heaviest, I weighed 272 pounds. Perhaps, I was wider than taller at that point. I dropped to 260 and then stayed there for years. Just before the fire, I got down to 254, but right after the fire I went back up to 266. When I entered the hospital last year for emergency [...]

"Often the hands know how to solve a riddle with which the intellect has wresled in vain." Carl Jung, The Transcendent Function in Collected Works Vol 8 Although, I often seem to have good insights into others and their problems. I can be completely blind to my own issues. When faced with a feeling of [...]

My mother and father divorced when I was a year old or so and I went to live with my 18 year old mother, where she grew up, in Yosemite at the 'Indian Village' with my great grandmother. It was just a cabin, with no bathroom, at the base of El Capitan. There were several [...]

Being at certain places make me very happy. One of those places is the western slopes and the summits of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, particularly in Lake Tahoe/Donner Lake region. I read a blog recently about what the author describes as our spiritual homelands. These are places that seem to touch our souls. We may [...]