Pumpkin Pie? (a picture says a 1,000 words)

(I left the photos out of this post previously because I am getting old and feeble of mind. I inserted them now. Sorry! – thanks Mr. Atkins!)

Well, it was time today to start getting the pumpkins moved out of their weed infested garden. I have no idea how much that one weighed next to me, but I couldn’t have moved it if it weighed one pound more.

Also, the black widow spiders must have been having their annual convention under the pumpkins! But, proving again my lack of good common sense, I just acted like they weren’t there except one HUGE one that got my attention and respect.

A neighbor across the street, who has ignored me ever since we moved in, finally acknowledged my existence by commenting on the size of the pumpkins.

Yes, that is a lemon juice bar in my hand. It was 100 degrees Fahrenheit and lots of smoke in the air from the continuing fires. I was hot and tired.

Fall is not far away…unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere!

And yes again, since retiring, I have really let my personal appearance slip!