My Happy Place

Being at certain places make me very happy. One of those places is the western slopes and the summits of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, particularly in Lake Tahoe/Donner Lake region.

I read a blog recently about what the author describes as our spiritual homelands. These are places that seem to touch our souls. We may not live there but we feel differently when we are there. I feel that way in Yosemite. I feel that way along the Northern California Pacific coastline.

Today we decided to escape the forecasted 110 degree heat and dense smoke from the nearby forest fires and head up to the mountains. About a two and a half hour drive from our place, I have spent many days in that area as it is only an hour from where I grew up.

I decided to see if the weight I have lost from a high of 272 to currently 227 pounds would make it easier to hike. My left knee is shot and causes stability issues but I was hoping all the walking I have done this summer would help.

First thing I noticed was how hard it is to breathe at 8,000 feet elevation compared to our new valley home of 150 feet above sea level. The next thing I noticed is that walking up hill is much harder than walking on flat farmland. The final thing I noticed is that 227 pounds is still fat.

Yet, I thought that I am 66 years old and real close to 67 and I need to at least try to do the things I used to enjoy doing, so I said, “Let’s climb up to those rocks!”

It took me some time, but I wobbled my way up there with other family members. I could have used some hiking poles for stability, but I reached my destination.

This first picture is my favorite. My grandson is sitting on the top talking to his father. Shouldn’t every father and their child have moments like these in places like this?

Heading up…

Proof, I made it.

I was tired, but very grateful to be in such a beautiful place. I love it here. It makes me happy.