I have actually hurt my back from standing over a table for hours as I search for jigsaw puzzle pieces. I cannot sleep well knowing there is an unfinished jigsaw puzzle in my house. I try to limit my jigsaw time to the November-December holiday season and always like to put together one with a [...]

Taking a couple days away for a change of scenery. Staying in a favorite place, Crescent City, California. Cottage where we are staying. Wandered out this morning to the dining room... Went for a morning walk amongst the redwood trees... And for some perspective ... During low tide, you can walk up to the lighthouse [...]

My grandmother was a major influence in my life. Loved her dearly. She married quite young, perhaps about 16 years old. She grew up on an island in the Mississippi River. Life was not easy. My grandpa loved her with all his heart but he was a bit of a mad genius. Their love story [...]

I have a very obnoxious Critic inside of me. He likes very little of what I say, sing, or write. He is a real ass, if I say so myself. I also have a very strong tendency to rebel against normalcy for the sake of conformity. My Critic loves, no, he adores the status quo. [...]

I really like what we are doing with this five acres out in the valley. The mums get very large very quickly out here. These were quite small last fall. Putting in some evergreens to remind us of our former home. They are next to the horse arena. Put in some sycamore trees for shade [...]