Walk About

I really like what we are doing with this five acres out in the valley.

The mums get very large very quickly out here. These were quite small last fall.

Putting in some evergreens to remind us of our former home. They are next to the horse arena.

Put in some sycamore trees for shade by the horse stalls. Love their broad leaves. Growing quickly also with a steady drip system.

Planted 19 shade trees in our new park area.

Putting in grapes next to some redwood trees. My dream is to build an outdoor chapel among the grapes and redwoods. It would be in honor of St. Francis but open to all faiths and hopefulness. Just a dream.

I am looking for some grapevines that turn red in the fall.

Still working on the lavender and olive tree area….

Out on the front lawn we put in several more maple trees.

Finally, every morning a gift of fresh morning glories.

Whoops, forgot…still working on a blueberry area and fruit orchard !

I hope you are well.