Creativity and the Critic

I have a very obnoxious Critic inside of me. He likes very little of what I say, sing, or write. He is a real ass, if I say so myself.

I also have a very strong tendency to rebel against normalcy for the sake of conformity. My Critic loves, no, he adores the status quo. He hates change and wants me to stay in line. You can see that this is somewhat of a civil war within my personality. Carl Jung had a lot to say about this kind of thing.

Whenever I blog, or create music, or do a hobby project, the Critic has to gets his opinion in. To summarize his opinion, it usually goes like this, “You are crazy. This is pure crap.” I then often tell him to shut up and I forge ahead and sometimes without wisdom because fighting the Critic takes up all my thoughts. (He’s yapping at me right now.)

The Critic had a great time with this song that I just posted on Soundcloud. In fact, we argued for about five years over this song. I finally had to punch him in the nose and he ran away like all bullies do. He’ll be back. Until then, here is that new tune.