Grandma’s Poems

My grandmother was a major influence in my life. Loved her dearly.

She married quite young, perhaps about 16 years old. She grew up on an island in the Mississippi River. Life was not easy. My grandpa loved her with all his heart but he was a bit of a mad genius. Their love story was an inspiration for imperfect relationships everywhere.

Going through the depression, my grandmother also dealt with what today is referred to as “food insecurity.” And, when her mother died, who was her anchor in life, my grandmother suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized and underwent electric shock treatments. Through all this, she never stopped loving her family and people in general. And, she was loved by everyone who met her.

My father, died three years ago today. My grandmother died on his birthday. They have been on my heart today, all of them. This photo is on the cover of a homemade book of poems that my grandma wrote through her years. My father is in the middle, my Aunt Jackie and Aunt Patty are next to my father. My Aunt Mae is still living, and is very vibrant, and she also went through the loss of everything with the fire in Paradise.

Here are two photographs of one of my favorite grandma’s poems. As an old man myself now, I understand better what she wrote here. Please enjoy.