A Little This and a Little That…honestly, not worth reading…

THIS: It was suggested/decided that I should have an antibody test done for the VIRUS. Why me? I was pretty sick during the early part of the year and I might have already have had the VIRUS. If I have, it was reasoned that others close to me, like a pillow length away, probably was exposed months ago too.

Okay, why not? My memory is not real clear regarding a few months after the intestinal surgery and a repair of an hernia (since they were kind of in the same neighborhood) I had in November. I did remember coughing very hard for a bit because it seemed to have torn through whatever was holding my newly repaired hernia around my bellybutton. It is worse now then before the hernia repair. (Probably should have that looked at.)

I got an appointment for today and off I went to give a blood sample. When I arrived at the lab, there was a few older people there sitting in chairs. As I came in, out of a room came an obvious overworked, stressed out, tired, grumpy, cranky, a little angry, and loud… lab technician. What do you call them, a phlebotomist – yes, I looked up how to spell it. He turned to the people waiting and said, with zero empathy, “Do you have an appointment? Do you have an appointment? Do you have an appointment?” No, they did not. Their doctors had sent them over. “I am sorry,” (he didn’t sound sorry) “I can only see appointments today, I have one every 10 minutes, No time for drop ins!”

Now I thought to myself, “This angry, stressed out man is going to poke me with a needle. Shit.” He then turned to me, wondering why I was still there (and so was I) and asked, “Do you have an appointment?” “Why, yes I do.” I didn’t want him to win the appointment game. Then he said, ” Ok, get in there,” nodding his head in the general direction of 4 different rooms. I chose the middle one just as I did in college on multiple choice exams when I didn’t know the answer (always choose C) and in came the phlebotomist to kill me. I knew I had to change the mood quickly or there would be a pool of my blood on the floor when I left.

“Hey brother, you have one tough job with the VIRUS and all. I sure appreciate you.” He seemed to take a breath and then he said calmer, “OK, Mr. Gary, what are your hobbies?” “Oh, I like to grow things, build things, and write songs.” “Hmmm, music huh?”

His whole demeanor changed and he began talking. He was the 8th child of 9 siblings so he heard all sorts of music growing up. He loved the early Rolling Stones. He talked about Keith Richards and a podcast he had heard him on. He talked about early Metal music. He talked about the band, Rush and which of their drummers were better. He talked about Ozzy Osbourne. He went on and on about his music and he poked the needle in me quite perfectly.


THAT: A couple of nights ago, I got into the hot tub to try to loosen up my old joints some. It was dark, we don’t have any neighbors close enough to see me in the hot tub, so off with my clothes and I just relaxed under the beautiful stars. Ah, peaceful.

Suddenly from the Southwest came a light… and another, and another. Soon there were ten lights in a row. They seemed much lower than a satellite, but higher than a jet and they made no noise. At first I thought “Well. I guess Trump has finally lost it and we are attacking those wicked Canadians.” The string of lights kept coming, like twenty in a row moving across the sky. Then I thought, “Oh shit, maybe Putin has lost it and Russia is attacking wicked us!” Still more lights came across the sky, all lined up and yes, I went there…”Damn, maybe this is an alien invasion. Maybe there are aliens. Aw shit. I am naked. They’re gonna probe me for sure. They always probe the fat guys. They don’t even have to undress me. I am gonna get probed. Shit!” I called my wife to come out to see the last of the maybe forty of the lights moving across the sky.

I had no idea about Elon Musk’s Starlink internet low orbit satellites. I have spent all my time lately reading and watching news about the VIRUS. My bad. Still, maybe Elon could have sent a postcard to all of humanity just to let us know that these lights won’t probe you? And that’s THAT.