A Message from Gracie

Hello humans.

At the risk of being a Debbie Downer on this day some of you refer to as the Eve of Christmas, I must share some depressing developments.

The other morning my female human got to looking at puppies on that stupid World Wide Web thingy. She said to my human male, “ Look how adorable this puppy is!’ My human male is weak…weak, weak, weak. He said, “huh, huh’ and walked away. My human female is strong…strong, strong. She said, ‘The owners are moving to New York. They lost their restaurant in the Paradise fire, opened a new one in Chico and the pandemic ruined their business.’ She knew this would soften the human male’s heart.

Long story short, this rascal is now part of my life. I had a perfect life and now my humans are up all night teaching the rascal what I already know. The human male keeps trying to kiss up to me with extra treats and belly scratching. Like I said before…weak,weak, weak.

Here is what ‘Benny’ looks like…

On top of that, I have to play peacemaker between Benny and Linus. I didn’t sign up for this.

Oh, I am feeing low, bro…real low. Merry Christmas…humbug, I say.