Gracie here. Just a quick update. On my last post, I was perhaps a bit overly dramatic regarding the new puppy to my household. As I know from personal experience, my humans are absolutely terrible at dog training. I have taken it upon myself to leash train Benny, who already shows all the signs of [...]

Today marks the 3rd consecutive day that I have not left our place. For the last two days, I have spent much of the day alone as my wife provides an invaluable service as a speech pathologist/therapist to children, many with special needs. Now when I say alone, that is not entirely correct for I [...]

Here in the U.S., we often use a word differently, as I regrettably discovered on this blog some time ago when I said I enjoyed wearing suspenders. I was not referring to the enjoyment of wearing a garter belt - which actually might be something different to try - but I was referring to those [...]