Here in the U.S., we often use a word differently, as I regrettably discovered on this blog some time ago when I said I enjoyed wearing suspenders. I was not referring to the enjoyment of wearing a garter belt – which actually might be something different to try – but I was referring to those American suspenders that hold up your pants.

Another word that we Americans often use differently is the word, resonate. We often use it to describe an agreement with an idea. I once joined an online study of one of Richard Rohr’s books. I was reluctant because I didn’t want to be part of any religious community, formal or informal.

My hesitation soon proved to be valid (at least in my little ole mind) as the online discussions always seemed to use the word – resonate. I mean I bet I read that word a hundred times in the discussion forums. “That really resonates with me…” it started to feel like some sort of code word required for membership. That was incredibly dumb on my part and was reflective of my own issues. I guess I was/am ultra careful about membership in almost anything.

I suppose every topic, community, genre has its go-to words. When I was in higher education, I used to hear the word “pedagogy” 10 times a week. You don’t hear that word much down on the farm.

As I sit and write this (actually I am using my middle finger to select the letters on my cellphone which looks like I am flipping someone off a few hundred times) I can hear these wonderful little wind chimes that are on the front porch. The breeze is light and I am letting the puppy wrestle with Gracie on the front lawn. The chimes provide the perfect sound for how I feel today. I guess you could say they – God forbid- resonate with me or in me perhaps. Even better, the chimes were a gift from a local school group for survivors of the fire that wiped out our town. Not only are they beautiful to hear, but a reminder of unconditional love and resilience. I guess that resonates with me too.

Stories resonate with me. Some poems do too. Very often a song will resonate with me. Occasionally a teacher or an elder of wisdom provides insights that resonates with me. Petting a cat can resonate with me. Sometimes I will read a blog or see a photograph that resonates with me. By all this, I mean it seems to puncture through my ego and touches my soul. I think that is what my colleagues meant with their comments in the online study. I know that the words and teachings of Saint Francis resonate with me. In this sense of the word, resonates means some sort of personal truth, I guess.

The dogs are tired and they are now sleeping. The chimes continue to chime as if in perfect harmony with the moment. I close my eyes and just listen and feel. Yes, it all resonates with me. I get it.