So Long January!

Not my favorite, January. Prefer more daylight in my day, but living on the 40 degree latitude, I really don’t have much to complain about in that regards!

It was a good month though. I lost four more pounds! I have walked 10,000 steps or more for 31 consecutive days according to Fitbit. Actually walked 462,967 steps in January and still have 12 more hours before February.

I read three books, enjoyed them all. I decided after blogging and referring to my neighbors as assholes, perhaps I should get a refresher course in Love, so I just completed this book. I actually really enjoyed it. I still don’t like my neighbors.

I also enjoyed these two in January.

I worked on new fencing for the back acreage. I need to put in about 1500 feet of fencing.

I started building some raised planter beds and planted red and yellow onions in a couple of them already.

I started tomato seeds along with a bunch of peppers and flowers seeds. Grow lights are above them and heating pads are beneath them. The calendulas and purple basil have sprouted already.

Planted five more cherry trees because, well, can one ever have too many cherries in life? It was a good month being January in the northern hemisphere and all. Soon the almond orchards will be blossoming. The bee keepers have delivered their hives all over out here. See ya in February – God willing and the creek don’t rise. (An old saying from back in the day.)