Dear You, Two hours left here for March 2021. Still walking every day. Have walked at least 10,000 steps a day since January 1st. Still have a goal of 5 million steps in 2021 along with trying to walk 50 miles in one day this year - when I am physically ready to do so. [...]

A guitar and a little imagination... Verse One It don't matter if you're dark or light Maybe kind of tall, maybe kind of wide It don't matter if you have three dogs a couple of chickens, and a big ole hog It don't matter... there is plenty of blues to go around Verse Two It [...]

Took a quick trip today for a change of scenery. The valley is great for gardening and all, but sometimes I miss the dimensions of the mountains. Fortunately, by driving north for 30 minutes and then driving east for 60 minutes, we are able to enter a wonderfully different world in Lassen Volcanic National Park. [...]

It was a good month, February was. I‘ve always wondered why the first “r” sound is dropped in February. I don’t drop the first “r” sound in library, but I guess many do. Out here where thousands of acres of almonds are still in blossom, they pronounce the word almond as “am-end” because they beat [...]