Adiós Febrero

It was a good month, February was.

I‘ve always wondered why the first “r” sound is dropped in February. I don’t drop the first “r” sound in library, but I guess many do.

Out here where thousands of acres of almonds are still in blossom, they pronounce the word almond as “am-end” because they beat the L out of it as they like to tell that same joke over and over again. Everywhere else it is pronounced “al-mond.” The locals present as evidence to support their pronunciation by referring to the word “salmon” – pronounced in the U.S. as Sa-men, rhymes with their “am-mend.”

I read three more books this month:

I enjoyed all three. That is 6 books so far in 2021. For some reason, after the fire in 2018 and health issues in 2019, I wasn’t able to concentrate enough to read a book. Feels good to be reading again. Breath was really a great study into the importance of breathing correctly. I spent FebRuary trying to concentrate on breathing more through my nose.

I continue to walk toward my goal of 5 million steps in 2021 as counted on my Fitbit. In February I walked 452,184 steps. For 2021, I have walked a total of 928,029 steps. I have walked at least 10,000 steps everyday since January first. I have only gained two pounds….

The puppy is HUGE. It is like we never had a puppy. Benny is 1/4 English sheepdog, 1/4 poodle, and 1/2 Great Pyrenees. The cats, Lucy and Linus, are tolerating his abundance of energy and Gracie, our Golden-doodle, is still trying to teach Benny the ways of the world.

One of our grandchildren continues to put pressure on us to get some more animals like a horse, a pony, a mini-horse, and mini-donkey, a mini-cow…and on and on. She is wearing us down. Who knows? Have to admit they are pretty darn cute.

Wishing you a wonderful March! Or is it, Mah-ch?