The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

Whenever we’d go back home to visit with our folks, my father would always walk me around the place to show all that he has done including what he had planted. Well, guess what I do when family and friends come over? They barely get out of the car and I am saying “ Hey, come look at this.”

More and more, I can also feel my father’s expressions on my own face. When I was younger that would bother me, but now I find it kind of comforting. I took a selfie and this was one of my father’s classic looks, especially when he was in doubt of something, like a crazy idea I had just come up with. It is a “We’ll see, we’ll see.” I didn’t mean to look that way. It was just on my face.

So, like they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, let me show you what is blossoming right now around the yard.






Some days when I am walking about by myself out back among all the trees we have planted, I feel like my father is walking with me. That makes me very happy.

Here is last night’s sunset. God bless you and don’t make me use that smirk look on ya!