I said goodbye last week to a good friend...my 2018 Toyota Tacoma truck. I traded it in for a new 2021 Ford F 150. The Tacoma was a great truck but it had two downsides. One, the seats were torture for our aging bodies. At a certain age, even sitting hurts, one needs all the [...]

I am out on the front porch, the wind is blowing through the trees, and I am lightly dressed now at 11:12 p.m.. Out here in the country dark you can wear a tee shirt and boxers without concern of offending anyone. Too dark to see, just hear. I think life is often like that [...]

Gracie is obediently on the floor waiting for my attention. Benny, steps, not jumps, onto the piece of furniture formerly known as our couch and waits for the next opportunity to cause a ruckus. Somewhere between 4 and 4:30 am, Benny will jump on my face to see if I am awake yet. Puppies will [...]

I continue to pursue my walking goals for 2021. With a goal of 5 million steps for the year, I am over 2 million so far - according to my Fitbit. One thing I enjoy doing is walking by areas that I usually drive by. You see so much more on foot. You can study [...]