Realizing that I am not going to live forever, I decided to buy a travel trailer and get away more often. We took our first journey this week. It was just a 2 day trip to a favorite place called Graeagle in California. It is a former lumber town that specialized in making boxes for [...]

Yesterday I went back to an area that I haven’t been to in about 23 years, a very special stretch of Deer Creek. From the paved road, you drive down a dirt road for 6 miles as you drop into the steep canyon. For the 2nd time while being in that area, I ran across [...]

I went fly fishing today with Gavin, my 20 year old grandson. We went up to Hat Creek. Hat Creek is very well known by fly fisherman. All catch and release with barbless hooks. A very peaceful stretch of the creek. Ran across a Bald Eagle with a very large wingspan. It always amazes me [...]

If I traveled a lot, I would have a blog dedicated to small general stores in rural America. I really enjoy going into those stores. They are the heartbeat of very small towns. The other day, I took my new truck out for a drive just to get know each other. I drove through a [...]

Come on in. Let me show you a few things. Picked these cherries in just a few minutes off the tree in the back. I planted 7 more cherry trees this past winter. I like cherries. Over there is the first apricot from the several apricot trees I planted 2 years ago. Next year I [...]