Blessed Moments

Realizing that I am not going to live forever, I decided to buy a travel trailer and get away more often.

We took our first journey this week. It was just a 2 day trip to a favorite place called Graeagle in California. It is a former lumber town that specialized in making boxes for harvesting fruit.

Played a round of golf up there.

I played lousy but had a great time.

Next day we headed up into the lake basin area and hiked around.

If you look closely at the last photo, on the tallest peak is a fire lookout station. When our first born was a year old, her 21 year old parents took her up there. It was an incredible view, but not sure I would walk up those stairs today. They are way up there.

On the way back home, we pulled off the road to have lunch next to the Feather River.

When we got home, I saw that the apricots had ripened while we were gone.

From a tree we planted a couple of years ago, we picked a lug of very sweet apricots!

Blessed Moments.