A few years ago, I was struggling to find the joy in songwriting and singing my songs - mostly due to a hypercritical critic criticizing between my ears. During that same time, a friend posted a song on SoundCloud that his young boy had recorded. It was an awakening to hear a child create just [...]

Lately I have been anxious, short tempered, and feeling out of sorts. Yesterday, I got a frozen yogurt. I had requested vanilla with fresh strawberries on top with some chocolate sprinkles. They were out of strawberries and I ended up with some sour mixture of raspberries and boysenberries, This pissed me off. It is one [...]

Just picked this beauty from a little tree I planted two and a half years ago. These are from just two trees at my daughter’s place. This was only half of that harvest. I have my peach picking face on…serious work. Love peaches that have ripened on the tree!

I am going to tell this story backwards. The End This is what I saw as I left the Roundhouse in Yosemite. It was a welcomed relief after spending time in the Roundhouse with a hundred other people with the outside temperature being over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and with a nice hot fire blazing in [...]

Another day of intense and unsafe heat here in Northern California and much of the Western portion of the U.S.. It is difficult to do much in temperatures of 112 Fahrenheit and higher. You get feeling not quite right after only a little bit of time in that heat. Yet, I drove by men and [...]

I ate lunch in Bodega Bay, California today. Saw this pretty little flower growing on a little tree by the restaurant. I took it on portrait mode on iPhone because behind it was a parking lot. This was the view from our table at the restaurant. Yes, the fish is quite fresh. Driving there and [...]