Zachary’s Song

A few years ago, I was struggling to find the joy in songwriting and singing my songs – mostly due to a hypercritical critic criticizing between my ears.

During that same time, a friend posted a song on SoundCloud that his young boy had recorded. It was an awakening to hear a child create just for the simple joy of it all.

He inspired me and I sat down and tried to write a song for children… for the young boy, Zachary. I came up with “A Most Unusual Day” played just with a ukulele.

Last night I was reviewing some photos on my IPhone and I decided to make a little video using Zachary’s Song. The photos are of our family. The video at the end is a family gathering in our old home in Paradise, California. We were all celebrating my mother’s 80th birthday. I love where my father asked her if this all brings back memories. Yes, Dad, it sure does and I sure do love you. (My father died from complications from Parkinson’s Disease, but he kicked its ass for almost 25 years.)