Over a month ago a fire started in the Feather River Canyon, very close to where the #Camp Fire started. This fire, called the Dixie Fire, continues to burn and it has burned over 750,000 acres so far. That is a lot of land. I drove down the Feather River Canyon today. It was an [...]

I am sittin’ in Corning Ford, where we purchased our truck, waiting for an oil change, maintenance check, and tire rotation. Sittin’ is good sometimes, especially in a different place where you have a couple of choices - 1) wait patiently or 2) wait impatiently. I will probably bounce between the two. I brought a [...]

I own many objects. None of my possessions bring the deep satisfaction of walking around the yard, pulling up the branches of a thick berry bush and finding sweet and juicy blackberries (thornless). This morning was such a time. Brought them into the house and introduced them to some Dahlias that grew in our garden. [...]