I am sittin’ in Corning Ford, where we purchased our truck, waiting for an oil change, maintenance check, and tire rotation.

Sittin’ is good sometimes, especially in a different place where you have a couple of choices – 1) wait patiently or 2) wait impatiently. I will probably bounce between the two.

I brought a book.

It does feel like the world has gone mad. The Covid variants, the anger of the Believers, (regardless of what is being believed), and so-called “news” media screaming at us for ratings and profits – just a few examples of madness. The fires in California are terrible. The summers here are filled with skies of smoke. On our little country road of perhaps 20 homes, 8 now have dry wells and they must truck in large containers of water.

The Oroville Dam, the highest dam in the U. S. and a critical source of water for California is no longer able to produce electricity through the turbines under the dam due to the lake level being so low. The lake level is dropping a foot a day and will continue to do so until probably October or November. We drove over there the other day and took a couple of photos, but they don’t capture the totality of the situation.

But, sittin’ can also bring a sense of peace and hopefulness as you get away from the madness for a bit. Waiting for my truck to be done, I am thinking about the flowers we picked yesterday from out in the vegetable garden. I am already looking forward to planting more flowers next year. (And, yes, coffee is kind of a big deal to people who enter this house.)

We ordered a custom made swing the other day too. It should be here in a couple of weeks. We used to sit in one made by the same company in our home in Paradise. I built a little triangular pergola to hang the swing upon. Next to it, wisteria and Virginia creeper will eventually grow up and over it which will make a very special place for sittin’ and swingin’ and maybe even some silent prayin’. When the swing arrives, I will share a photo of it all.

Well, time to read that book. I wish you all, whoever and wherever you are, some good sittin’.