Rock Creek

Over a month ago a fire started in the Feather River Canyon, very close to where the #Camp Fire started. This fire, called the Dixie Fire, continues to burn and it has burned over 750,000 acres so far. That is a lot of land.

I drove down the Feather River Canyon today. It was an all too familiar sight of destruction and some re-construction.

I stopped at one our favorite spots along the way, Rock Creek. Our family has hiked there, fished there, along with swimming, picnicking and collecting rocks there for many years.

The fire did not burn the lower portion of Rock Creek. I spent some time hiking around and then just sitting on a rock looking at the water.

A Train Track Is Above Rock Creek
Rock Creek Entering The Feather River
A Nice Little Swimming Hole
A Great Place To Eat Lunch

And completely unrelated, this is what Gracie and Benny look like when they want to come into the house through the bedroom. They can really give you those doggy eyes when they want something.

“Hey you. Get out of bed and open this door!” Just looking at the two, which one do you think has taken up tearing feather filled pillows as a new hobby?