There is something special about a swing. They feel like an old friend. You immediately start up where you left off regardless of time passed by. They understand your unique rhythm. They get you; you don’t have to explain a thing to them. They are perfectly happy with silence too.

I built a little structure to hold a swing out back. Virginia Creeper,with its beautiful color in the fall and wisteria, which is gorgeous in the spring, will eventually grow up over the top.

We ordered the swing from Centerville Amish. We had one of theirs in our place in Paradise, California. That one was 6 feet long. We went with the 5 foot one this time. It is rated for 700 pounds and I used 4” X 6” posts and beams to hold it all up, so go ahead and have a second helping of mash potatoes! When it gets cooler, we will stain it all to match…or maybe not. I purposely did not use pressure treated lumber due to all the chemicals in it.

In addition to the vines, there is a mulberry tree behind it. There is a Golden Willow in front of it and a little cherry tree and maple tree off to one side. In a few years, it will be a great retreat.