Flies and Other Stuff


Sitting at this here desk, a fly keeps buzzing around and occasionally lands on my slightly sweaty forehead – very occasionally.

I have attempted to violently end its life, occasionally (very occasionally) with no success. With each attempt I have tried to harken back to the days of my lightening fast reflexes, but have only succeeded in hitting my head harder each time. I now have a headache from my self-boxing match and I might have slight brain damage.

I think flies are wonderful reminders of our organic make up. To the fly, there is not much difference between us and a rotten peach.

I am going to turn the air conditioning up and then I am going to find the flyswatter and then I am going to swat that thing and then I am going to take some Advil.

Other Stuff

Mark Mayes, on the other side of the pond, did an amazing cover of a song I wrote. Where I sing it in sort of a swing rhythm, Mark provides space between the words giving it a whole different feel. I think it is really good, but I am biased. For me, the best part of songwriting is to write something that someone else wants to sing. Give a listen, see what you think!