Grow, Grow Little Tree

I enjoy watching small trees as they grow. Certainly a sign of old-er age, often I will say with excitement, “Look how much that tree has grown this year!” Having planted over 150 small trees out here in the California Dust Bowl (winds are forecasted to reach 50 miles per hour today…80 kph for those who live where measurements actually make sense), I say, “Look how much that tree has grown” a lot.

One tree we planted 2 years ago was a Chandler English Walnut. Now, walnuts are next to black licorice on my list of “Things I would prefer never to eat again.” They are even a step below cauliflower. However, I love watching the walnuts forming and growing and then collecting them. I also enjoy cracking them while trying to get the meat out in perfect halves.

Last year, the little tree produced two nuts. This year, drum roll and trumpets sound, I got twenty four walnuts.

So, being one who struggles living in the ‘Here and Now’ – I ask myself, “How many walnuts next year from my little tree?” Will it increase by twenty two again or increase by another 1100%? (check my math 24 – 2/ then divide by 2 and then times by 100 ) Or, perhaps some number in the middle of those two options. Over five hundred walnuts seems a bit too hopeful. I am going to guess a 400% increase to around one hundred walnuts next year. (I know most people would find such a topic, calculations, and forecasting to be bordering on obsessive and really, really boring, but I love watching those trees grow.)

Twenty Four Walnuts Sitting in a Bowl