Us – Them – …

I am once again sitting in the Ford dealership waiting for my truck to get serviced.

Yep, wearing my old standby kicks, high top Converse. Do you believe people make assumptions about you by the shoes you wear? I think so. I know they do by the automobiles that you drive.

Out here in rural America I get a lot more friendly waves and experience more courteous driving when I am wearing a ball cap and driving our white Ford 150 pickup than I do when driving our Toyota Prius with perhaps a scarf around my neck.

It is the ole Us – Them thingy. It is assumed I support Trump when driving the truck and make substantial political contributions to Bernie Sanders when driving the Hybrid Prius.

Social media doesn’t help much with this divide. ‘Drive By’ insults are hurled back and forth without any thought, just assumptions. Twitter comments seem to be the worse. Cable “News” is not too far behind Twitter.

However, after a few years on the WordPress platform, I have found that I’ve been exposed to a variety of opinions, experiences, photos, and talents without ever feeling that Us – Them stuff. Blogging allows for a deeper expression – with or without words. The expression and commonality of our hopes, heartbreaks, beliefs, fears, joys and appreciation of clouds helps to minimize the fall back position of Us – Them. WordPress provides the space and opportunity to consider the We as a better option than the Us – Them.

I started blogging to discover if I would enjoy writing and specifically examine what an authentic faith would be for me. I found that I enjoy writing, in small chunks, and I dislike editing (obviously). I also have found a deeper faith which often leaves me more confused than before, but that is fine with me. Unexpectedly though, I also found a diverse community of respect with an appreciation of We.