Colonoscopies and Root Canals

Yesterday, Monday, I finally had my 2nd colonoscopy in 15 years. Bad boy, it was due 5 years ago. But, after getting through the prep period, I clearly remembered why I had put the 2nd one off for so long. There’s gotta be a better way. For the younger folks out there, I will skip the details and let you experience it all in your own time. BUT, or should I say, BUTT, Get it done as recommended! It is very important especially if you have any polyps. It is not that big of a deal, just sort of a pain in the ass – not physically though.

Now on Friday, I am scheduled for a root canal. There is something unwonderfully symmetrical about this week.

So in between these two unawesomely events, I am starting to paint one of our bathrooms this week as we are getting ready to remodel it with a bathtub that I would actually fit into. The standard one we currently have would require the fire department to come out and use a crane to extract me from it.

In addition to all that, our son in law got us a pine board made from a tree that burned in the Camp Fire. We had several very large pine trees on our property that burned. They were beautiful year round but particularly when it snowed. They looked like angels. Very large angels indeed, like 150 feet tall. We are sanding it down and plan on making a picnic table with it. It is twelve feet long. It is looking quite beautiful , the more I sand it. Love working with wood. Love the grains.

And, being Christmas season and all, the tree is up. The ornaments are hung. Linus is ready to cause havoc.

Have a great week!