I made kind of a dumb New Year’s resolution for 2021. It had three parts A) Walk at least 10,000 steps every day of the year B) Walk over 5 million steps in 2021 and C) Walk 50 miles in one day during 2021. This resolution didn’t leave any flexibility and some days I walked [...]

Took a short drive to the west of us, about 20 minutes from the house, to see if the local lake was beginning to fill up. Black Butte Lake is where we get our water to irrigate the pasture. The lake is getting full! It was nearly empty this fall. We only received one third [...]

“Grandpa.” The old man didn’t respond. “Grandpa!” Still staring down at the cup on his lap, he was silent. Finally, she couldn’t take his rejection any longer. This time she shook his shoulder while saying much louder, “Grandpa!” “I heard you the first time, child.” “Well, it is rude to ignore someone, Grandpa.” “Not always. [...]