Ending The Year Wrapped In Beauty

One of my granddaughters spent the night with a friend up the hill where we used to live. It snowed overnight, so we used our 4 wheel drive to go pick her up. Decided to also take the short drive to Paradise Lake and check it out.

My youngest daughter and her two daughters. Yes, the one with no shoes on is a delightful handful of childhood.

The week before, a lot of the family went up to play in the snow too.

On that day the snow was very crusty. My grandson’s girlfriend was with us as we tried to make a snowman, but the snow would not pack and this poor pathetic soul was all we could make!

I told her, this being her first snowman, that it was a family tradition that we all hold hands in a circle around the snowman and sing Frosty the Snowman. She reluctantly joined us and we started off strong…” FROSTY THE SNOWMAN WAS A …Jolly…happy…soul..and blah blah huh ya cha yo…” as no one knew the rest of the words.

I love being around my family.