I made kind of a dumb New Year’s resolution for 2021. It had three parts A) Walk at least 10,000 steps every day of the year B) Walk over 5 million steps in 2021 and C) Walk 50 miles in one day during 2021.

This resolution didn’t leave any flexibility and some days I walked when I probably shouldn’t have walked due to pain in the knees and/or generally not feeling well.

Goal C was not attainable. The furthest I walked in one day was about 23 miles. I found that my core was not strong enough to walk 50 miles in one day. I was surprised how important your mid -section is when it comes to walking a long distance.

Goal B was met with 5,614,005 steps recorded on my Fitbit. With my stride length, that is about 2,551 miles for the year. Okay, at 68 years old, I am going pat myself on the back for that one…if my frozen shoulder would only let me.

Goal A was also met and this was not easy. Summer temperatures around 115 Fahrenheit, tooth extraction, root canal, colonoscopy sort of saps one’s enthusiasm for a New Year’s resolution. Also, we drove from Chico, California to Park City, Utah in one day last summer. It is a long drive. I had many reasons not to meet that goal. Yet, 10,000 steps a day really only requires 100 minutes of continuous walking or even just walking 10 minutes every hour for 10 hours. It is not that difficult except to do it every single day of the year. I kept thinking back on those days when I sat at my desk and I only got about 3,000 steps during a day. Sitting at a desk all day is not very healthy. I was also very fortunate to be able to walk most of the time on our 5 acres. I know the distance in steps from any location on our place. Car traffic and loose dogs weren’t an issue either. Still never missing a day requires good luck and good stubbornness. If I was to do it again, I would change it to 10,000 steps a day for 95% of the days in the year.

Naturally, I am bugged about not making the 50 mile goal because I am wired weirdly. I was asked what resolution I might have for 2022? I haven’t quantified it yet, but I want to get stronger in my core. That 50 mile goal is still deep within my dreams.

However, I am also considering a different resolution and I went out and I bought two books today about it.

Before the fire, I started making some fancy desserts and my family enjoyed them. I have probably cooked meals for all of 90 minutes in my entire life. I know a resolution that involved preparing meals would be quite popular with a certain someone. Tomorrow I will attempt to make clam chowder with the real deal, not canned clams. Look out 2022, here I come!