Today in the USA, we celebrate the life, vision, courage, and work of Dr. Martin Luther King. The following is from Dr. Martin Luther King’s 1967 Christmas Eve sermon.. Now, let me suggest first that, if we are to have peace on earth, our loyalties must become ecumenical rather than sectional. . . . We [...]

One of my earliest and most precious memory is when my father came home from work one day. I had a new toy gun and holster, cowboy style, and I ran to the driveway to greet my father. Spontaneously, he started playing with me as we had a good old fashioned shoot out chasing each [...]

Well, I went and did. I tried to make clam chowder and I used clams from the market, not canned ones. I was clueless on how one removes clams from their little homes and was a little queasy thinking about it all, but it was quite easy. First washed and scrubbed them for sand and [...]