Scoot Over Guy Fieri…

Well, I went and did. I tried to make clam chowder and I used clams from the market, not canned ones. I was clueless on how one removes clams from their little homes and was a little queasy thinking about it all, but it was quite easy.

First washed and scrubbed them for sand and inspected for any broken shells. Boiled them in 2 cups of water and bingo the shells opened up! Somewhat of a miracle for a non-cooking kind of fellow.
Saved the boiled water from the clams, then started adding other ingredients. Used a chicken stock, with a yellow onion and some bacon for flavoring. Went with the Yukon Gold potato and also added a little bit of instant mash potato mix to help thicken it all up a little bit. I heard flour does the same but it overcomes all the other flavors.

When I was all done, sprinkled some parsley on top to add a touch of class to it all.

It was quite yummy.

Before dinner, we drove up to Red Bluff, California- a 30 minute drive to the north. Lassen Peak, an active volcano and a National Park, was covered deep in new snow.

It was a great start to 2022.