Hey, What are YOU reading?

A family member recently commented on the diversity of my reading. I never thought much about it before.

I always have several books going at the same time and often it takes me months to completely read one.

Formal education really sort of ruined the joy of learning for me, similar to how evangelical dogma sort of ruined an authentic faith for me too.

However, in my old age I love reading about all sorts of things and I now have a faith that is based upon God’s love…of all things and people. I have come to believe in miracles along with being appreciative of science.

I am really enjoying this book that I am reading …it’s about apricots. The author, Robin Chapman, is a superb writer. The story of the California Apricots goes back at least 5,000 years ago to China and its story involves many different subjects/topics. I have planted about 10 apricot trees so far. They are a family favorite. Nothing like them when they are tree ripened and fresh picked! According to the author, a mature tree can produce 200 pounds of apricots every summer. I picked about 20 pounds off of a very young tree last summer. Someday I might have a ton of apricots.

So, what are YOU reading? I enjoy recommendations and I enjoy supporting writers!

Oh, by the way, this is Morro Rock out in Morro Bay, Central California Coast. It is a volcanic plug and one of its main components is petrified bird feces. I am beginning to feel like Cliff the mailman on the tv show “Cheers.”

A view of the rock in the far distance.

It’s a very beautiful part of California.